Tuesday, 28 June 2011


Just to give you all a little update we walked away from the barn conversion. Our surveyor found the land had pockets of bedrock which could prove costly to break through if found too close to the barn. That and the build cost came in far more than we expected. It was more sensible to walk away.
Of course I have been very disappointed but something else will turn up, what's meant to be will be.

In the meantime we have to be out of our house by the 28th July. We have found a lovely 1930's house on the outskirts of the town where we live, five minutes drive from the school gates (in summer!). I'm quite excited about it! Believe it or not it has an Aga! This will be a good tester for us all, whether we can cope with not walking or cycling to school, for the girls not to have other children on their doorstep, and for me to be constantly driving everywhere. Oh yes, whether I can actually cook on an Aga!! We will see.

I am looking forward to sharing the photos of the temporary house when we get the keys, until then if I'm not around you know I'll be packing!

Monday, 13 June 2011

blog shopping

While we have been waiting very impatiently for the surveyor and builder to get back to us, I have been busy planning in my head what our house could really look like. I have been scouring around blogland and have stumbled upon some fantastic blogs. I have to say some of the best blogs and most beautiful homes are by the most inspiring American women.
Gorgeous painted kitchens, piles of sumptuous cushions, beautifully organised cupboards and all seem very clever with a paintbrush and sander! I have always loved the 'french country' look and I feel inspired to get my own paintbrush out and paint some furniture!
These women also seem to be able to up cycle the most wonderful textiles, old grain sacks being the most sought after. Can I get my hands on any? Well not yet but I am trying! In the meantime i have been looking for something similar and ave found that H&M do a range of textiles with a utilitarian feel about them. I can feel masses of purchases coming on! What I did buy (as it is very well priced) was a bath mat which I feel would go really nicely with my collection of apothecary bottles.

I also got a couple of cushion covers which will look lovely on cream club chairs which I ordered before we decided to move. Now to get painting the furniture to match!

I am working hard at displaying my complete list of blogs I follow in the side bar, I seem to have forgotten how to do it! Bear with me!

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

High hopes

I had a little wobbly last week about where on earth were we going to live. We have to be out our house by the 28th July. Eeek! Where do you start with the packing? It is amazing how much rubbish one family can collect in seven years! Every cupboard, drawer, and loft space is filled to the brim with stuff! Time to have a massive clear out! Anybody want a vintage Silver Cross pram that was mine when I was little? It is now around thirty two years old !

Anyway, were are we going? Well the answer is I still don't know! We will have to rent until we find somewhere, but we have a little project going on in the background very slowly, you know the pace that some lawyers take is slower than a snail! We have been looking at a steading which needs to be converted into a home for a while and negotiations have been going back and forth for what seems like months now.

I have been told not to get my hopes up as we may still have to walk away but how can you not? I have moved in in my head already! I have picked my AGA!, I have chosen the wall colours and have placed the furniture! I have high hopes! How can you not with a view like this?!!