Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A new home

We got the keys for the rented house on Monday. Wandering around it my heart began to sink. What on earth were we moving for? Our home is just the way I like it and we have spent a lot of time making it like that. What were we moving to this cold, run down and cobwebbed house for? It is a real shame as the house could be stunning, I have visions already, but we can't, it's not ours.

Anyway I feeling a bit better this morning as I went over last night and got stuck into the cleaning. It now smells a bit better and the downstairs is cobweb free! I also put up a new shower curtain and it feels a bit more like home already.

The removal company are coming on Monday so it is mad packing around here although I have been taking the girls to drama workshops in the mornings this week as well. I'm going to take over some of my decorative hearts today which will help make it seem more like home.

Apologies for the standard of photos, they were taken on my phone, camera packed!

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I finally went to the sorting office to pick up the burlap sacks I purchased on ebay. As I said they turned out to be quite expensive considering the postage and the customs charge. However they look great and I think they will make lovely cushion covers when I finally get around to making them. I enjoy sewing but I hate cutting into fabric, so I may have to wait a while and get my nerve up!
Here they are on my new chair (just to see what they will look like!) I now have to go and hide them as I think my husband might go nuts!

If anyone out there knows how to wash these sacks could you please let me know, thanks.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Link Party

Today I'm linking to Uncommon Slice of Surburbia, go over and have a look!

Monday, 11 July 2011


After a lovely although wet week at the caravan, we are ready to start packing. Finally the family room sofa and chair were taken away today and I could open the packaging on my new chairs. The chairs have been piled in the playroom for the past three weeks and I have been dying to get the plastic wrap off!

They are so lovely and I am really pleased with them!

They look so clean and new that I have had to set some ground rules! No food or drink to go any where near, no shoes and no dark jeans! I didn't tell them I paid extra for the scotchguard but better safe than sorry. I finally got hold of some grain sacks and they arrived at the post office today. Haven't been to collect them yet as I still have to pay the customs charge. I forgot that I would have to pay that as well as postage from the states, so it has ended up quite expensive! I am hoping to make them into some cushions to sit on my nice new chairs, will have to keep out the sewing machine when we pack!
We have now some space to start piling the boxes up so I had better get going. Two weeks today!