Monday, 31 January 2011

Mr Ted

Today Emily got Mr Ted home from nursery for a couple of nights! You think she had won the lottery!! Now we have to think of lots of interesting things to do tomorrow as there seems to be some competition going on in the diary!!! Think Mr Ted might need a glass of wine and packet of crisps tonight! Do you think that would go down well with the other mums? Ha ha!!

sorry about the quality of photo it was taken on my phone. Still cant find the charger!

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ck Lovlieness!

Having a lovely peaceful morning. My friend and I take it in turns to take our youngest to swimming lessons straight from nursery so every second week I have some time to myself!
This morning I took a run to TK Maxx. Now I don't usually shop there I find it too difficult to rummage, if it doesn't jump out at me then I'll miss it! But today I was in luck.
I have two baby presents to buy one being new new niece in Australia so I was over the moon to find some CK baby toiletries. Baby wash, shampoo, drawer liners and scented

sachets. I am hoping both new mums are happy with these little gifts as I have a feeling it is just me that is a little obsessed!

Also found a couple of jam jar lanterns which I'm sure I saw in the Jamie Oliver at home catalogue so I am as pleased as punch!
I think I'll go back in a fortnight with my next free time!
Sorry I can't share the photos as my camera needs charged and I can't find the right charger!
Right I'm off to read my new CK catalouge which has arrived this morning then I better go and clean something so it looks like I've been busy!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Emily's room

It is time that we decorated my youngest daughter's bedroom. I think at this time of year when I spend so much time indoors I can't help but make a mental list of all the areas in the house i would like to change. Luckily the other half agrees on this one!
Emily always seems to get her sister's cast offs! She moved into Erin's old room a couple of years back so it's time for a change.
I have trained my girls well and they can now spot a CK pattern at 20feet, both love their CK bedding, so I am on the lookout for some nice co-ordinating wallpaper.

I only want to paper one wall so will only need a couple of rolls. I have found a really lovely paper online and sent for a sample. Let's hope she likes it(although I'm sure the ultimate decision has to be mine!!)
Now just to talk the other half into some tongue and groove!

Friday, 21 January 2011

new buys - shhh!

I nipped into town today for a wander around before nursery. I have the onset of a cold, achey limbs, stuffy head etc but the beechams had kicked in so off I went. I now feel really rubbish! Why didn't I just stay at home? Anyway what did brighten the morning was a walk through John Lewis and some CK towels were in the sale! Can't really justify them this month but I bought them anyway! I will have to hide them now until pay day before producing them or I might get a row!!

It be worth it though!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

LOVE Emma!

Came home from work at Lunchtime to a nice quiet house (both girls at school and nursery) to find a new Emma Bridgewater catalogue on the mat! Don't you love it when a catalogue or magazine arrives by post? or am I just completely sad? Little things like that seem to brighten my day, well that and the peace and quiet to read it with a cup of coffee in hand.

I LOVE this mug! As you may have noticed I have an addiction to hearts so anything that would match my growing collection is a must. I have left the page open on the coffee table, hopefully the hubby will get the hint! He seems to be listening this year!!

Thursday, 13 January 2011


I promised I'd come back with some photos of my Christmas pressies! I was so lucky this year as it seems that my husband has really listened to my hints!! After hankering after them for about a year I got two of these beautiful lamps for my kitchen/family room. I love them, thanks Greg!

I also have a lovely mother in law who got me some Emma bridgewater mugs to add to my ever growing 'hearts' collection. Now when I open my cupboards I really smile as everything is slowly turning pink!! I'm sure my other half doesn't agree but what with a wife and two daughters he really doesn't have much of a say!! Poor thing!

I have been so lucky this year and as usual my mum came up trumps with my subscription to 'Country Homes and Interiors' magazine. Like a present every month!
What did you get?

Monday, 10 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Blogland! It has been a good while since I have been around however I have been lurking in the background and keeping up with reading all my favourite blogs. I don't know where the time goes, just like every other mum out there my days seem to slip by filled with the mundane tasks of life.
So what have I been up to since my last post? During the summer months we spend almost every weekend at our caravan in Findhorn. It is so lovely there, long walks on the beach collecting shells, bring on March when it will reopen!

We almost, nearly bought a new but very old house but were pipped at the post! I have to say I was very dissapointed as it was my 'country dream' and there is not a day goes by when I don't think about it! Never mind still on the hunt - I will one day have space around me!
I have slowly been getting back into my crafting, not had a great deal of time for it or the cash really. I have made some party invitations and what feels like a million Christmas notebooks for my friend to give out as presents. Last year I watched my friend Kirsti and Sonja take part in the 365 challenge (keeping a diary for the year) . It looked great fun so I have decided to join in this year. I don't know whether I will keep it up I'm not very good at New Year's resolutions!

My love of hearts continue! Here is a lovely fabric heart my frind Fiona made for my daughter. She has started her own little company making bunting, wigwams, hearts and t shirts. If you would like a look the her facebook page is called 'playtime fabrics'.

I'll let you see what i got for Christmas later. I promise I'm going to try and keep up this year!!