Tuesday, 1 February 2011

car boot

On Sunday I went to our local car boot sale. Never have gone looking before although I have tried to sell once without much luck (think I made the grand total of a tenner!). I think 'car booting' must take skill as I was finding it difficult to find anything, however at the last moment I spotted a very dirty cake stand with a ticket saying £4! What a bargain and it's really very pretty now it's all cleaned up! Feel encouraged to go back as so many of the blogs I read find some lovely treasures. Think I might have to go further afield to find the vintage eiderdowns!


  1. That is so pretty!

    Car boots are fun, but I'm so lazy at the weekend, I hardly ever get anything good, never there in good time!


  2. It's on my list this year ... I'm determind to go to car boot sales. I'm the same as you - I tried it once and was so unprepared that I didn't price anything, and got mobbed in the car LOL. But now seeing your lovely cake stand I think it's time to visit them soon.

  3. Almost as good as the one Allan 'haggled' down for me...haha...I am definitely going to be going to more this year and having a rake thru the charity shops more often...just need to find a loevly dresser to display it all on...It's lovely...xx

  4. All you need now are some cucumber sandwiches and fairy cakes to go on your pretty cakestand, :ucey xx

  5. That is lovely!

    Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, what a lovely word to use ('empowered')! I'm glad I helped you feel a little better about your situation. Looking at your blog you have a lovely home and a lot to be thankful for :) Bibs x

  6. Wow, it is lovely. What a bargain, it is so delicate and beautiful.
    Glad you got the mag. I am sure Prima was once quite grannyish in a bad way, so it was nice to see such prettiness there.
    Ta´ta for now,

  7. Well done on the photo on your header...lovely!!!...xx