Thursday, 10 February 2011

dots and spots!

Today I have arrived home fom work to find this!

I came across dots and spots while doing a bit of blog hopping and have been following along for a while now. Becky designs and produces some gorgeous products including decorative tapes. I thought they would make a nice change for present wrapping along with some plain paper. I'll trial it this weekend as the girls have yet another birthday party! (better social life than me!)

Here is the card I ordered for my husband on valentines day. I'm still holding out hopes for the Love mug from Emma Bridgewater!

Go over and check out her blog - beautiful!


  1. lovely tape and a gorgeous will I bother making Allan one if he is not going to be

  2. oh I so want that tape .. it's gorgeous.

    I must admit, I have the most wonderful Emma Bridgewater teacup and saucer .. the one that says, I love you more than chocolate .. aawww I love it :)

  3. Lovely card Susan and oh my I'm loving that tape especially the bunting. I haven't made a VC yet.....will I bother?! LOL How bad is that!!