Friday, 4 February 2011

Dreary days

What a dark, dreary, wintry day. I don't think my feet and hands have heated up at all today.
A couple of things to brighten the day -

I finally worked out how to put a photo on my header! I'm very pleased with myself!!

A hyacinth plant reduced in M&S , blue is my favourite! The smell always reminds me of my Gran who always grew them for the spring. Her house was full of them and smelt lovely. Mine needs a pot though!

And here are my little bargain lanterns from my shopping trip last week. Looking cosy all lit.

Going to a neighbour for dinner tonight, love it when i don't have to cook!

Have a good weekend Sx


  1. oohhh I'm loving the lantern, how gorgeous. I was given a lovely little bunch of flowers last weekend from M&S and they included gorgeous blue hyacinths .. oohh they've made my craft room smell just wonderful all week :) Have a fun evening.

  2. Love your header photo - that has to be Findhorn.

  3. Great candle lantern...well done with the blog header..hope you had a good night out last night..x

  4. oh that is beautiful! i love lanterns!
    I have a few around the home with t'lights in.
    And you have some wonderful treasures in your home ;0)x