Monday, 31 January 2011

Mr Ted

Today Emily got Mr Ted home from nursery for a couple of nights! You think she had won the lottery!! Now we have to think of lots of interesting things to do tomorrow as there seems to be some competition going on in the diary!!! Think Mr Ted might need a glass of wine and packet of crisps tonight! Do you think that would go down well with the other mums? Ha ha!!

sorry about the quality of photo it was taken on my phone. Still cant find the charger!


  1. I'm giggling as we had Chester the dog last wekk and you're right about the book. I vote for the wine and crisps.

  2. We will be having a giant dragon home very soon and Niamh is on tenterhooks waiting for it tho it is probably just as well she didn't get it home this weekend since she(and the rest of her siblings)is of school sick so there wouldn't be much to write in the book..heehee...x

  3. Hard times all round, the problem is there are not a great many jobs to start with.......
    We can but try to keep our chins up, eh?

    Hope your job does not come to an end!