Friday, 18 February 2011

Pass it on!

It was pointed out to me that you are supposed to pass on a blog award! (You can tell I don't get them very often!) I have decided to pick a few of my favourite blogs, however I found this very difficult as there are so many of you out there that I admire - so for now I pick

Kirsti- a storm in a vintage tea cup! Love all her craftiness and is my port of call when I'm stuck!!

Pretty Vintage - Love the post 'Friday's Frocks'! and she has the most beautiful wallpaper in her home!

Dots and Spots - Love hearing all the business updates and of course beautiful designs.

Modern Country Style - I think we could move in together we have such similar tastes!

Lemonade Kitty - A fellow Cath fan x

Pretty at Heart - a new blogger and love hearing all about her house and new buys.

So there we are, however not sure if they all read my blog so if you know them pass on the award for me! Keep up the good work ladies x


  1. Thanx for the award and your comments!
    Yes, I hadnt thought of avocado suite!!
    Some of our rooms we have re-plastered and totally made over, but then others - like the bathroom we have just done a "for now" makeover using as much of what we already have - so, yes, thank goodness for a white suite!

  2. Just a quick Hello! Found your blog and its fab. Scarlett x

  3. Thank you honey...I got round to passing them on yesterday...hope you having a good week so far!!

    Kirsti xx