Friday, 21 January 2011

new buys - shhh!

I nipped into town today for a wander around before nursery. I have the onset of a cold, achey limbs, stuffy head etc but the beechams had kicked in so off I went. I now feel really rubbish! Why didn't I just stay at home? Anyway what did brighten the morning was a walk through John Lewis and some CK towels were in the sale! Can't really justify them this month but I bought them anyway! I will have to hide them now until pay day before producing them or I might get a row!!

It be worth it though!


  1. Wow 3 posts in 3 are on a coming out to play tomorrow over at Alford???...xx

  2. Ohh, love love love those towels, I've been eyeing them up for many years now. I might have to sneak on over and see if they're online too, you bad influence!

    I noticed a couple of posts ago you mentioned Findhorn - is that Findhorn bay in Scotland? If so, my friend lives very close and took me there in the Summer. I fell in love and have a small rock collection from the beach in my bathroom! x

  3. Yes Findhorn Bay Scotland. have been going nearly every summer since I was about eight - argh thats thirty years!!

  4. Arh Findhorn....we know a song about that one don't we Susan, lol. Great place, fine pubs and good eats!
    Loving your new towels, hope you feel better soon Susan. x

  5. Saw your comment on my blog. Good buy too!
    Seems that if you can actually find anything you want amongst the last bits of tat, you can get them for bargain prices as they are almost giving them away!!

  6. Susan,

    Love your blog, you were so right, I also bought one of those towels in the sale, they are so pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    All things nice...