Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Ck Lovlieness!

Having a lovely peaceful morning. My friend and I take it in turns to take our youngest to swimming lessons straight from nursery so every second week I have some time to myself!
This morning I took a run to TK Maxx. Now I don't usually shop there I find it too difficult to rummage, if it doesn't jump out at me then I'll miss it! But today I was in luck.
I have two baby presents to buy one being new new niece in Australia so I was over the moon to find some CK baby toiletries. Baby wash, shampoo, drawer liners and scented

sachets. I am hoping both new mums are happy with these little gifts as I have a feeling it is just me that is a little obsessed!

Also found a couple of jam jar lanterns which I'm sure I saw in the Jamie Oliver at home catalogue so I am as pleased as punch!
I think I'll go back in a fortnight with my next free time!
Sorry I can't share the photos as my camera needs charged and I can't find the right charger!
Right I'm off to read my new CK catalouge which has arrived this morning then I better go and clean something so it looks like I've been busy!


  1. Ohoo lucky you, on my last visit to TKmaxx I saw some of those prety baby CK treats, alas could not think of a baby I could have given them to. I should have just bought them for display purposes only ;0) Thank you for your coment, the lovely fabric has arrived and like a child, I can't wait to play X

  2. Sounds should have phoned and I would have come with you today!! xx

  3. You're on a roll. The mums will love it.

  4. I never knew there was CK baby stuff, wow.
    I used to go to TK Maxx quite a lot but no loger live in the UK and I do miss it. I have found some CK stuff here in the Czech Republic though, which was nice to find.