Thursday, 13 January 2011


I promised I'd come back with some photos of my Christmas pressies! I was so lucky this year as it seems that my husband has really listened to my hints!! After hankering after them for about a year I got two of these beautiful lamps for my kitchen/family room. I love them, thanks Greg!

I also have a lovely mother in law who got me some Emma bridgewater mugs to add to my ever growing 'hearts' collection. Now when I open my cupboards I really smile as everything is slowly turning pink!! I'm sure my other half doesn't agree but what with a wife and two daughters he really doesn't have much of a say!! Poor thing!

I have been so lucky this year and as usual my mum came up trumps with my subscription to 'Country Homes and Interiors' magazine. Like a present every month!
What did you get?


  1. Loving that lamp Susan. I got my soldering iron! Oh and a new computer between us.

  2. I think I saw those lamps in Laura Ashley??? they're lovely, love the mugs too Lucey xx

  3. Lamp is gorgeous...I got a really fab magazine the other day that had bangles made from teacups...not sure if they were made to look like that or if they are actually made from

    I got a Big Shot from Santa - it's ace!!

  4. Yes Lucy lamps from laura Ashley!

  5. I just popped over from Pretty at Heart and I see we have the same passions...CK,hearts,Homes mags,and pink! Love your cup and saucer lamp stands.What a sweet thoughtful hubby you have! :0)

  6. You lucky lady!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog! I can see why you said what you did about the pink thing now!! Will def being coming back to look at your blog! Lots in common.

    So thats the way to do it is it? Introduce it slowly - I'll give it a go but think son and hubby might notice!
    Have to do some living room research! It is annoying me now, that I can't make up my mind about what to do in there - I am unfortunately a true Libran!!

    I too love red but have some of that in the kitchen and bedroom as well..........oh I don't know!


  7. Sorry, its me again! Just seen that you are also a new Welcome!
    I only started in December too. I am loving it, what about you?
    I was a facebooker before, but it is so nice talking to other people with so much in common who aren't just talking about rubbish! Its also good seeing what they have bought and where they got it from and getting ideas for your own house.

    So here's to blogging!

  8. Oops we are in 2011 now aren't we and you started Jan 2010! Been at work all day and brain not in gear yet! Sorry, you are not a new blogger at all!