Saturday, 2 January 2010

My first post!

Hello and welcome to my little piece of blogland! I have spent the past two weeks reading other blogs and have loved every minute of it! I am soooo nosey! I love checking our other people's homes, passions and indulgences and hope that you will enjoy checking mine out too!!
Please be patient with me though, I am not that great on the old computer and will have to learn as I go!!


  1. Welcome to blogland babes... are you joining in the calendar challenge????...Have fun...x

  2. Well done on taking the plunge. Your where I was a year ago. Have fun and looking forward to seeing your craftiness!

  3. Welcome to blogland.
    I am sure you'll get in to the swing of it soon enough.
    Looking forward to reading it.

    PS are you doing the 365 calendar challenge?

  4. Big up and welcome to blogland Sue...happy chatting, oh and I love your LO.