Sunday, 10 January 2010

Home at last!

Well, mum arrived home this morning and has taken the news about the house very well considering. She slipped in the airport and has hurt her ankle so I think she was more concerened about that than the house at the time. She went down after lunch to have a look and although upset I think she was too jetlagged to really think about it.
Greg managed to get my car out the drive today which is great news as if you know me I'm not good being at home all the time, I get bored easily and suffer from cabin fever! I like to be busy which is just as well as that's how we'll be all week!
Parents get keys to rental property on Tuesday so I'll be helping with the move. I was going to get a personal trainer this month to kick start the weight loss, but what's the point? I'll be doing enough weight lifting and running around I won't need one. Also when my dad moves out I'll automatically loose a stone by not drinking - he's a bad influence!!!


  1. Don't think you need any and I am sure your parents really appreciate the help and suport you have given them thru this...x

  2. Glad your mum is home safely and her ankle is ok?
    I think a drink on an evening after everything over the last week is a requirement!