Sunday, 3 January 2010

Back to normal!

Spent the day doing the food shopping and taking down the Christmas decs. Doesn't the house feel bare when it's all gone? It's been a long two weeks probably because we couldn't go anywhere due to the snow, but it was nice to spend some time together. One more day then it's back to normal running around like an idiot!
I'm not making any New Year Resolutions as I always break them, but I am going to try very hard to loose some weight. I will try hard not to have so many Hazelnut Lattes or eat too many almond croissants! Costa will feel the pinch but hopefully I will not, as I'm sure it is far, far more than an inch!
Tommorow i'm going to attempt to add a picture - I can hear you a laughing at me!


  1. Nobody is laughing at you Susan and look you have 7 followers already... woohoo.... If you get stuck give me a phone...Must try and get that Keep Calm and Carry On as a big picture for my it...x

  2. It took me ages to get any followers're doing great....
    As for weightloss I'm with you on that one...
    No resolutions for exactly the same reason too, lol.
    Looking forwards to seeing your pic...any problems just shout loud ok?!

  3. Adding a photo is easy Susan, if I can do it anyone can.

    Yes it has felt a very long holiday.

  4. Well done on the blog Susan - look forward to reading more.