Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Flood plans

Well, not sure it gets any better just some plans made now. Chem dry are coming to remove carpets tomorrow so hopefully it will stop raing inside the house. I went(with help from Kirsti - thank you) to see a rental property this morning. It looks fine and it's furnishd so at least when mum comes home sunday she will have somewhere to go. Although they are welcome to stay here, thats okay for short term, everyone needs space. I have washed and dried bags and bags of clothes for the past two days. Every piece of clothing is saturated. I just wish the snow would stop now so I can get moving with the stuff. It has snowed so much this avo that I prob wouldn't make it out the drive.

I did plan to write this blog to find the positives in life, at the moment I can't see them!! At least no-one is hurt, just heartbroken.


  1. It will fix hun... it will take a long time but it will get better.. and you are very welcome for today and any other help I can offer...take care...Kirsti x

  2. oh Sus, no one was hurt, that was the main thing. [[hugs]]

  3. It's supposed to make us stronger?! Cough cough...*****?!
    Not like it feels like that but I'm sure your parents will appreciate all your help.