Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Busy Life

Hello! It's been a while since my last post! Life is going very fast at the moment what with my new job, brownies and running the kids around. I have also been going to a personal trainer twice a week in a bid to loose some weight. Last week it was so hard I was nearly sick on her floor! So i'm not looking forward to tomorrow's session, my muscles have just recovered from last week!
The good news is that I finally got my new kitchen table after many months of whinging at DH! And it's fab, all I need now is the Aga to go with it - lol.

Off to simply create at the weekend for a post Christmas party. Have tons to prepare for it but havn't even started. Looks like i'll be busy for the next couple of nights. Really looking forward to it though, always lovely thing to drool over at the shop, and nice people to spend the day with.


  1. Your new table is fab Susan... wonder how long it will take for me to get that its from the same range I have my eye on... Oh yes and I love your spotty sidebars...xoxo

  2. Hi Susan! Love the table and a similar set a while back only misjudged the table size and when it arrived realised it would never house my tribe! Had to keep our original table and buy lovely tablecloths instead! Enjoy this Saturday - wish I could make it!

  3. Love your table and can't wait for Saturday....been up in the loft most of the afternoon looking for old phot's and giggling!