Sunday 23 October 2011

Forward Planning!

I think I'm good at forward planning! I really enjoy that part of my job in teaching, at the start of term sharpening my pencils, turning over a new leaf and thinking up some fun (but educational) activities. I have been working on a temporary basis in a local pre school nursery (part time) for a couple of years. I stopped working when my youngest was little but now she has started school this year I wanted to increase my hours. Since the summer I was lucky enough to be able to up my hours in the nursery. It did mean I had to reapply for my own job, I have an interview next week. I am dreading it! I love my job and hope I get it!
I am also doing a little forward planning on the home front too. Since we had the news that we got our house, I have been redecorating each room in my head! I think we will tackle the girls bedrooms first as they are quite dark and masculine. My oldest daughter who will turn nine this year has decided that she doesn't want pink any more. I have to say I cried inside!! All those gorgeous pink blankets, lampshades, Cath Kidston bedding and accessories we have collected arrrgh! Luckily my youngest does want pink, so she gets it all. Anyway Erin is going for duck egg blue and has even chosen wallpaper for a feature wall ( she is so like her mum!) and is asking for blue accessories for her birthday!
(can't seem to resize this pic sorry)
The house is dated 1900 and sits very close to the pavement which the lounge overlooks. I think we are going to turn a study at the back of the house into a snug, where we can lounge around without feeling that we are being looked at. It also means I can keep the lounge tidy in case anyone drops by. I am going to go for a neutral theme with lots of cosy cushions and blankets and of course at last we will be able to use the cream armchairs. I saw this photo on the Centsational Girl blog and loved it, this is what I am aiming for!

Getting so exciting now, only another four and a bit weeks to go!


  1. Good luck with the interview for your own job hun...hope you get it...and I am loving the wallpaper for Erin's room...

    Take care...catch up soon...

    Kirsti xxx

  2. The house is absolutely AMAZING!! You lucky thing!

    We can't wait to see how you get on.

    The Relics Team x

  3. Oops, forgot to add that we've signed up to follow you!