Friday, 7 May 2010

That's better!

Finally finished the living room. The decorator came last weekend and the carpet was laid Wed. Got all the furniture in although it was tough going when you are a weakling and your husband expects you to lift a sofa! All in all I'm really pleased with it. All it needs now are a few bits and pieces to pretty it up.

Also got some pictures and bunting up on the playroom wall which have been lying around for ages. Looks nice. Off to the caravan this afternoon hope the weather stays nice.


  1. looks I wonder if Allan will let me do mine!!! Glad to see you got the piccies up in the playroom...xox

    PS - does that mean I now look 25!!!

  2. What a gorgeous room - cant wait till Tristan is finally potty trained and I might get mine done.

  3. Fabulous Susan you've been busy, I really need to get started.

  4. This looks the picture fom Next or did you make it yourself....I'm thinking of making one?

  5. Picture was from B&Q of all places!

  6. I've got one of those lovely pictures from B&Q - they didnt have them for long did they! My friend wanted one when she saw mine but they were all gone, never to be replaced.
    Thats why I always say, got to buy it when you see it!

    Sorry, just looking at all your old posts!