Thursday, 13 May 2010

A CK day!

Today I got my Cath Kidston fix! It will keep me going for a few weeks I'm sure! Firstly the postman turned up with a couple of parcels. I had ordered some pink glasses and a flour shaker.

Secondly I bought this months Easy Living magazine after Lemonade Kitty pointed me in the right direction. This month comes with a free CK tote and catalogue. Can't wait until the kids are in bed so I can sit down with a nice cup of tea and peruse what to buy next!

The best bit was, in the boxes was a postcard saying 'Thank you for shopping with us!'. No Cath, Thank you!!!
PS sorry about the standard of photos i'm no photographer!


  1. Snap!! Got the same bag...already been road tested all the way to Edinburgh this week and was full to the brim with snacks, drinks, books and camera and looked WAY more stylish than a Markies carrier!! Love the pink glasses - have you seen the new EB picnicware? Very similar and safe to use outdoors!

    Off to Harrogate next week and will be taking up residence in the CK shop for a good couple of hours...on the list are plates, bowls, fabric (eek!), towels and some plimsoles. List is subject to change though!! xx

  2. lucky you! i love the shaker,i also got the ck bag this week and promptly filled with sewing items,its a great size.have a nice day x

  3. Oooh I was fancying those pink glasses for the Mad Hatters Tea Party filled with pink they would probably just get broken with 5 year olds!!!

  4. Oooo love those pink glasses.

  5. What a laugh...we nearly have identical posts!!

    My list is getting longer each day becuase I keep on thinking.....I wish I'd got the shaker...I wish I'd got the plimmies...I wish......I wish.....sigh....
    Ruth xxx