Friday, 23 September 2011

More Jars

Hello there! Finally I have found the need to share again! Today I went to a friends house who was selling off all her Jamie Oliver Homeware collection. She had been a demonstrator for a couple of years before the market dried up in our area. However it was my gain as she had loads left over from her selling days. You know I have a fettish for storage, so I had asked her to keep aside any jars she had left and I wasn't dissapointed! Also manage to bag myself a lovely cream ennamel collindar and two oil bottles.
Really pleased with my purchases and can't wait to organise the pantry! Please also excuse the horrible wall colour and pipes on show - not my house! Sx


  1. Right time, right place!! Lucky you!

    Hope the person who's house it isn't doesnt read this! lol!

  2. Is there *anyone& who doesn't need more pretty jars?!! I think not!!! I love your new ones, you lucky girl!!