Monday, 19 September 2011


I'm sulking with blogger! For some reason it doesn't like me or that I have been denied access to other people's blogs! For some reason it won't let me comment, so if you are out there wondering if I am ignoring you then I'm not! Also it's not letting me read some of my favourite blogs saying 'I'm not allowed access'. How do I fix this? I have tried logging out and logging back in to no avail! Any help would be appreciated Sx


  1. See when you log in....uncheck the bit that says do you want to stay logged in...that happened to me a few months ago...also not sure if this is relevant but I changed my password too....

    Hope that helps...let me know when you are free for a catch up as I haven't seen you for far too long!!!

    Kirsti xx

  2. As above it happened to me and this fixed it.. hope you et sorted xx

  3. Oh, blogger is so annoying sometimes, isn't it? Just hit it and it sorts itself out.....eventually!