Wednesday, 11 May 2011

More bottles!

A few of you will know that I have a compulsion for storage!! I'm obsessed and I have even seen my youngest daughter lining up her toys in a neat row!! Hee Hee!

My father in law inherited a large collection of apothecary bottles from his father who was a pharmacist and they are absolutely beautiful! There must be at least fifty dotted around the house and I have always wondered whether they would really miss the odd one!!

I decided a while back to start my own collection and now have the grand total of five! They are sooo difficult to come by. Kirstie's Allsopp featured them in 'Homemade Home' and now they are even harder to get hold of. I seem to get outbid alot but I'll get there!

What I'd really like are the blue or green bottles but they are going for silly money, so i'll just have to be really nice and see if the inlaws would like to gift me some!

My other bit of news is that I WON a giveaway!! I couldn't believe it as try as I might I never seem to win anything. My prize is a beautiful hand crafted doll fom the very talented Tracey at Romi and Bob. Have a gander over to her blog and lust after her creations! I have requested that Tracey make me a second doll as having two girls I don't think I could stand the fights when it arrived! Thank you Tracey I am so looking forward to the day they arrive.


ps Storage again! Tesco are selling 'Fairy' dishwasher tabs in a vintage style enamel tin. May need to go back for a couple more!


  1. Got some green ones somewhere one even with the orignal screw black top! I started collecting whilst living in Edinburgh...didn't get very far!

  2. Nearly bought that Fairy Ti yesterday but I resisted!!!!...xx

  3. congrats on the giveaway :)
    I love the bottles


  4. Susan, I have sent my address and you can send me the ones packed up. Sorry about that, it mus have sounded rude of me, I just know someone from the UK who was coming over. I have told them not to bring them now, so apologies again. Yahoo must have been naughty. x