Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Blog Award

Today I recieved a blog award from my good friend Kirsti. It is my first award so thank you (I think she was just being kind! LOL!)

There are two rules
1. Pass it on and
2. 10 things that make you happy

Here goes
1. Peace and quiet
2. My girls, all clean and scrubbed after baths
3. Stories all cosied up under the duvet
4. Country homes magazine, love getting it through the post
5. Costa coffee, skinny latte with a hazelnut shot
6. NCIS makes me laugh
7. My caravan at Findhorn
8. Long walks on the beach
9. Shopping in gift shops for nick nacks
10. organising, and reorganising craft stash!

My award goes to Kirsty, Bertie and all my other friends on UK scrappers, however Kirsti beat me to it! x


  1. You are very welcome honey....I will teach you how to do links next time you are round...xoxo

  2. Loving the 10 things that make you happy 1 and 6 my favs!

  3. Would love to visit Brighton - looks like you had fun! Enjoy Glasgow this weekend, the CK store is v.v. cute...